Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hospice Care

Stan's Hospice nurse came yesterday and the social worker came today. They are very helpful and really have Stan's best interest at heart. Stan started having waves of nausea yesterday. This has made if very difficult for him to want to eat or drink anything. Yesterday he was able to keep down a carnation breakfast he ate, just before he went to bed. It is after lunch today and Stan has only been able to drink about a half a glass of Gatorade. I hope this will pass soon so that he can take in more food. The social worker said she would have his nurse check on some anti-nausea medicine. Stan enjoys the book he is reading, "Retreat from Gettysburg" and the visits from our church friends.


  1. I appreciate the updates on Stan, especially since I can't get out to see him (the kids and I are sick).

    How are you doing? Since Stan isn't eating, I'm sure your faced with the challenge of finding easy foods for one. Could you use a meal? I cook big meals for the whole family and there's always plenty left over for a portion to share with a friend :)

  2. I hope his nausea subsides...that is the nastiest feeling.

  3. Thanks Amanda, you are so thoughtful. I'm really doing fine. I don't need much more than a peanut butter sandwich.
    I am so sorry to hear that you and the children are sick. I hope you all feel better soon.