Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Times

Tuesday Stan and I went down to his office for a couple of hours. I took his pictures off his walls and collected some of his personal items. Wednesday the hospice Chaplin came and we had a wonderful visit. He talked with us about what we believed about dying and the afterlife. He was pleased that we both felt the same about what would happen. He told Stan that he would continue to teach those around right to the end. He let me know that Stan's desire to eat would continue to decline until he would stop eating and I was not to feel guilty, and that Stan would stop talking but that we were not to stop talking to him. It was hard to hear but there was also a peace. I did need some time after Stan took a nap to just wrap in the 'magic quilt' and feel loved. Today I took Stan to his HR office to sign his retirement papers. They will take effect on September 30.


  1. I can't imagine go thru this with my Husband. But I went thru this with my Sweet Grandfather last year. What the Chaplin said is true about the eating and talking. Don't force him to eat. My mother kept trying to force him to eat. But it just prolonged the enevitible. Plus made him uncomfortable. I know this will sound weird. But enjoy this time. It is such a spiritual time. To sit with someone so near the veil, someone who can see thru it. To hold thier hand as they pass away, knowing they were greeted by other loved ones and they will be there when it is your turn. My Grandfather had conversations with my Grandmother for weeks before he passed away. He even argued with her. Telling her he wasn't ready and he was scared. She had passed away 20+ years before him. My sister and I bore our testamony of the gospel and what would happen to him after he died. He didn't understand the gospel before this. We were able to bring him some peace, and as soon as we told him of these things he calmed down. So like I said, enjoy these moments. I will never forget what we went thru with our Grandfather. To help wash his hair, his feet and back. To rub lotion on ruff hands and brush his teeth for him, shave him. Those things he always did but no longer could bacame sacred things. I am so thankful I had that oportunity. If your children and grandchildren are old enough and are close enough to help, let them. It will bless them forever!!! You and Stan are in my prayers. And thank you for the fabric for the Idaho Magic Quilt. I beieve I will be making two. One for an adult, and one for a little girl in my ward that just got diagnosed with stage 4 spine cancer. I know she and her family will draw strength from it like you and Stan do!

  2. HUGS to Springrose and Lila and Stan.


    This post made my eyes sweat. And the comment really turned on the faucet.

    Lub you guys!

  3. We love you...I'm glad that visit went well.

  4. Oh dear. I thought I'd finished crying for tonight, after President Monson's talk at the RS Broadcast, but this brought the tears back. HOW MUCH I am thinking of you two and this journey.