Sunday, June 6, 2010


I wasn't going to update the blog until we had more information about the CT scan, but this was too good to pass up. Yesterday we were driving to the hardward store to get material to finish the deck. When we were sitting at a light, I noticed a mulberry tree dropping it's fruit all over the sidewalk. Stan loves mulberries. We talked about the many times he would come home from a walk with purple hands and face. Because he hasn't taken walks this summer he has not eaten any mulberries. When we got home Stan sat out on the deck to rest. A little while latter he came in and said, "Look at this". There in his had was a perfect little mulberry with it's stem. Knowing we didn't have any trees I asked him where he got it. As he was sitting on the deck it fell out of the sky onto his lap. Birds fly over and leave their poop but I have never have them leave their food. I have always been told, He has no had but our hands, I think he may have more than our hands. Have a wonderful day.


  1. We have a mulberry tree in our back yard that is FULL of ripe mulberries. I'll have the kids pick some tomorrow and we'll bring them over for Stan!

  2. That story makes me cry, mostly because it shows me how truly aware our Heavenly Father is of each one of us. I am going to tuck that story away in my mind.

  3. Wow that's like a hug from above.