Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Chemo

Yesterday, 4/26 Stan went to his Oncologist. The outcome is the scheduling of more chemo,but with different drugs. They will try another type that he will take once a week every three weeks. They hope this strain will have some affect on the tumor. Stan has been blessed with strength and stamina to continue with work and other activities. He is putting benches on the deck that he stared last fall.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Stan went to the hospital for his chemoembolization today (4/15/2010). The plan was to find the arteries feeding the tumor, put chemo into them and cut off the blood supply to the tumor. Tumors in the liver are usually fed by the arteries. Since they only supply the liver with about 10% of it's blood supply, the arteries can be cut off without damaging the liver. The liver gets almost all of its blood from veins, not arteries. After mapping the arteries they were unable to find any arteries feeding the tumor, so they were unable to do the procedure. This particular tumor must be absorbing blood and nutrition from adjacent areas, rather than through blood vessels. The doctor said that after viewing Stan's CT scan, it looks like about 55-60% of his liver is still functioning. We are so grateful for all of your love and prays. The Lord has blessed us with peace as we move forward.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CAT Scan Results

Wednesday 3/31 Stan only had three-fourths of his chemo because his blood platelets were low. After Chemo, Stan and Lila drove to New York to visit with Tom, Erin and family. He had a wonderful hike with Tom in the hills around Tom's home. Monday 4/5 he had a CAT scan. Today, Wednesday 4/7 he met with his surgeon. His surgeon said the tumor in his liver is continuing to grow and that another tumor has appeared in front of the larger tumor. He has been referred to a radiologist to proceed with the chemo-embolization. This is where high doses of chemo are put directly into the tumor. His oncologist has canceled his regular chemo due to the upcoming chemo-embolization and that he feels that the chemo hasn't seemed to help.